Sunday, October 17, 2010

That was one nice butt

A couple of months ago, Harris Teeter had butt roast on sale for cheap. When we got there, they were sold out so we picked up a couple of rain checks. A couple of weeks ago, we finally bought it. Well... we used two quarters of the butt in the crock pot. The first quarter I covered in brown sugar and cinnamon. The second was covered in honey. Both were good but the brown sugar was better imo. It had the typical things on the side (red potatoes from Kroger and bell peppers from our garden).

I've been craving Mexican for a while now so we decided to use the rest for pork tacos. Marcie cut the meat up in small chunks and blended in the food processor. That was cooked and mixed in with fajita spices. Now here is the best part. We are growing leaf lettuce so we just walked outside and pulled up a head. Then we picked the four nicest red bell peppers and a green onion. For a little more flavor, we also mixed in a few basil leaves which grows faster then we can ever use. I wish it was all fresh but there was some store bought stuff. Obviously the sour cream and cheese came from Kroger (on sale). We also used an onion and a can of diced tomatoes. The goal was to use some dried beans we had but that didn't quite work out. Even after soaking for 10 hours and then cooking them for an hour, they were still not Moe's consistency. We left those out. It was delicious and smelled great. I joked with Marcie about being able to smell butt all over the house.

Here is yet another reason Marcie is awesome! She rarely uses a recipe and meals always cost less then $2.00 a person (often under $1.00). That one pork butt (which I'm thinking only cost $7.50) made 6 meals for two. Nothing was processed and a lot came fresh from our garden. In addition, it takes less time to make these meals then it does to make a self rising frozen pizza. Sometimes it's nice to have an elaborate meal but everyday cooking should be fast, easy, and cheap. We've learned a lot this past year and a half about what works in a small garden and how to cook with less.

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