Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Nook is Awesome!

Marcie and I jumped on the eBook bandwagon. We were going to purchase the Kindle since it has a little better resolution and faster page turning. We're so glad we didn't. In addition to the Nook's touch screen and increased speed (recent software update), it has the feature to view ePub books like those at the public library.

Now, we can check out for up to 21 days ebooks and for up to 14 days books on mp3. Marcie and I read quite a few books so being able to pull books from the library whenever we want is a huge advantage. Those books and mp3s can be viewed on our Nook or burnt to a cd to play in my car. Obviously we can also read them on our PC but the lcd refresh isn't that great for your eyes compared to the eInk technology on the Sony, B&N, and Amazon readers.

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