Monday, January 24, 2011

The Time Traveler's Wife

Marcie and I watched the Time Traveler's Wife last night. It's about a guy who has a genetic disorder traveling through time because of it. Each travel only lasts for a few minutes but as he skips through time, he skips through the life of his future wife. That's not how it starts out though. Eric Bana plays Henry the time traveler. He is working in a library. Rachael McAdams playing Clare needs assistance finding a book but instead find the man who traveled to several parts of her life. Starting from when she was a little girl up to when she was Eighteen. Henry doesn't know her yet though. She puts the moves on Henry revealing what she knows about him and they hit it off. They eventually get married and this is where the main story begins as does my disappointment.

I was expecting and it seemed the director was trying to approach this movie from the same perspective of "A Beautiful Mind." Both had the woman see potential in the man and pursue him. Both got married and while his quirk added appeal to their life, it also added hardship, loneliness, and strife. They battle through it and in the end come out seasoned lovers. A Beautiful Mind really hit those thoughts and emotions home; The Time Traveler's Wife didn't but not for lack of trying.

Traveling Henry as a character was perfect. He made the most of his time and put those he loved above himself. Even knowing his death was happening that night, he made sure his wife wouldn't be alone. It was believable too because knowing time is short forces you to choose to be your best or worst. While traveling and at events he just had to be the perfect man for a few hours or days.

Day to day Henry was different. He was still a good guy but you could see that he was flawed. It is these flaws that Clare had to look past. She did and it all ends well for her in the end. The movie is sad but full of hope for a bright future.

I enjoyed the movie because of the strong story and characters. I didn't care for Eric Bana's acting or the directing but it is still a story worth watching.

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