Monday, February 28, 2011

Mustang: a CR Top Pick

Most people who know me know I'm a fan of the Mustang. Two models in, I've loved being an owner and it seems I'm not alone. Consumer Reports just ranked the Ford Mustang a top pick in their 2011 tests. This is something that rarely happens to American cars but I'm not surprised. Ford has kept the same body since 2005 when they unveiled the retro look kicking off the muscle car revival we're seeing. Since then, they've made improvements every year making it not only a fun car to drive but also a safe and fuel efficient ride. I can personally attest first hand on their improvements. The difference between my 2004 and 2008 mustang is huge. My current car jumps off the line much faster then my old one ever could. Also, the 2004 third gear sounded like it was going to throw a piston even at low RPMs while my current one runs smooth in each one. I'd love to trade in my current car for the 300 hp 31mpg current model but that wouldn't be financially smart. I'll have to stick to dreaming.

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