Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wake Co ePub checkout

In case you have an eReader that can read ePub format (sorry Kindle owners), here are six simple steps for checking out a digital book from the Wake Co. Public Library. Oh, and has hundreds of free ePub books (the classics mostly) which you can keep forever. Open these in digital editions and follow the last two steps to read DRM free ePub and PDF on your Nook.

1) Install Adobe Digital Editions
ADE is an ebook reader program for your PC. In addition to being able to read ebooks, it is also the tool that you will use for transfering the book to your eReader device. This is a one time install.
2) Go to the library's website and find the book you want to check out.
This is pretty simple. If you have a valid library card and pin number, you can just find the book you want and place a hold on it. Once the title becomes available you will get an email letting you know it is ready to be checked out.
3) Check out the book
Also pretty simple. Log in and go to "My Holds" found in the "My Downloads Account" tab. Just follow the steps for checking out your book. Just in case, select 21 day checkout. You can always return early but it's nice to have that extra time.
4) Download the book
When you select download, the default application should be adobe digital editions. Allow it to open (not save) and adobe will open up the book to the first page.
5) Attach your eReader device
Your device should have come with a cable to attach it to the computer. The PC should auto-detect your device. You'll know you are successful when your device icon is in the bottom left side of Adobe Digital Editions.
6) Drag the book to your eReader
You may have to select library view first but it should work. Just drag the book icon to your eReader icon and YOUR DONE!!!

Now here is an idea I'd like to see. With all the smart phones out there, why isn't there an eInk smart phone that just does ebooks, text, and telephone calls. I don't need internet and all that other stuff. Charge $5 a month for Nook app which includes unlimited book downloads and the e-reader software. That's a smartphone I would buy although angry bird on V's new iPhone does look fun.

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