Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Harvest: Asparagus

Our first harvest is in. It takes Asparagus three years before they can be harvested. We bought our plants already two years old so this year we can finally eat them. They shouldn't be picked unless they are as big as your little finger. These were the first to fit that category. Hopefully once it gets warm more will come. Next year I hope they will do even more.

Also we planted from seeds artichokes. They don't produce in their first year either but we're hoping they will next year. Our apple trees are also doing well. Our gala only has one branch with buds but our Pixie Crunch has a lot. I will probably cut off the buds on the pixie because the tree is so small. I'd hate to dwarf it too much. The gala however can go whenever it wants as it's already a good size. You can see pictured to the right my one flowering gala branch. It's taken from my cell phone which won't focus on items close up.