Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lessons in Fatherhood

Being a father isn't always obvious. You learn things along the way and from time to time, you read things that remind you how little time you have.

1. A birthday party is all about that kid. 

You've planned the perfect party and you are there making sure it goes smooth.  If that's you, you're doing it wrong.  She doesn't care about the decorations or the food, she just wants to hang out with the two people she thinks are most important in the world.  You are the toddler's world and for her party, stay with her the whole time.  Even if she's an independent woman, quietly follow her around for the moment she does need you because it will come.  She's 2 after all. Snacks and guests can take care of themselves.

2. Skip flushing the toilet in potty training

She loves to flush the toilet and does it from time to time for no apparent reason.  I know it's a matter of time before she starts flushing things we left around the house so if you can put it off, do it. For a while, she'll announce every time she goes anyways, so it's not like you can't do it behind her.  Who knows, you may save a few plumber trips if you wait.

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