Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dining Room Farm Table

 With our upcoming kitchen remodel, our open floor plan will mean we NEED a new table.  We're considering the DIY solutions out there and found a few but Marcie and I really love this design.  Unfortunately it didn't come with a pattern so if we try it, we'll have to make it up as we go.

We love the long 2x6 boards with the ends capped.  We also like the "X" legs connected with the lag bolt and square washer.  That's a nice touch and with the minimal details added to the base, it's our perfect table.

If you check out Anna White's blog, you can find some somewhat similar designs and if you look at the pictures below, they show the top of the legs which will help with stability.

A couple of things we've researched:

  • Tables are always a standard 30 in tall
  • 30-34 in width means intimate seating
  • 36-40 in width means you have room to place your food for serving

2 in Table Top Thickness
Painted legs and Bench
Wood Peg vs Lag Bolt

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